light pink and ruby red cycling cap with koinobori design Koinobori cycling cap - pink

Koinobori cycling cap – pink

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Since the grey / green version of this cap was limited to 100 copies and I was already almost sold out, I decided to do a reprint in a new color combination.

Koinobori cycling cap pink
white base color for shiny teeth

A good occasion to fix some minor bugs in the design, too. I opted for light pink as a base color for most of the panels – flipped up visor fabric stays white to get some nice and fresh teeth –  and chose ruby red for the printing ink. For some reason this time the ink has a much more rubber-like texture and rather „stands“ on the fabric than being absorbed by it. Not a bad effect and since only the visor is covered with a lot of ink that might block transpiration, there won’t be a problem when it’s getting hot.

more rubberish ink with this run

This run of caps is also limited to 100 copies and I already have a different design in mind, so if these are gone, they are gone …

designed in Munich
produced in Italy

Designed in Munich, produced in Italy by Apis.
Available in Japan via Sim Works.
Available in Germany at Schicke Mütze, Düsseldorf, Suicycle Store, Hamburg, Ritzelkitzel + Bici Bavares bike shops in Munich and of course at my homebase Umwerk. If you want one, you can also contact me directly via mail or Instagram and we’ll figure out something …