La Chouette cycling cap

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Designed on request by La Chouette bike shop in Paris.

I was very happy that Paris bike shop La Chouette started selling my caps last year and when they asked me if I could do a design for them I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

owl in your face

Because „Chouette“ translates to „owl“ it was quite clear where the journey of the design would go. I was working with different colors in the beginning but changed during the design process. The light pink base color derives from the shops store front and purple is a good looking addition to it. It was a very tricky operation to make all the different panels match and I was super nervous if it would turn out nice but when the caps arrived I was 100% happy and satisfied!

side view
owls fangs on the bottom of the brim

Because birds don’t have teeth (as far as I know) but the guys of La Chouette asked for something similar to my other designs for the bottom of the brim I came up with the idea to dislpay the owls fangs.

The cap is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Silk screen printed and sewn by Apis in Italy.