Golden Shuppi cycling cap

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The Golden Shuppi was born from the question if it is possible to print „real“ gold color on fabric …

… not a color only being similar to Gold but something with glimmer and shine. Production in Italy said „Yes“, and I started thinking about the design. Golden scales would be nice, so why not go for a dragon? Working title „Golden Schuppi“ (Schuppen = German for scales). Somewhere on the way to Italy and back, the „c“ got lost. “Shuppi“ sounds Japanese so I looked it up and the word exists, meaning „expenses“. Golden expenses, money spent that will be a good investment and return multiplied. The Golden Shuppi as a guardian for those expenses.

a warm brown as contrasting color

As little color as possible on the forehead to maintain the fabrics breathability
one golden tooth
added Dollar, Yen, Euro and Renminbi symbols – because it’s about money 😉

The cap is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Silk screen printed and sewn by Apis in Italy.