J-Bar Koinobori cycling cap

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I am not sure if I get the order right with the first production of the J-Bar Koinobori cap but I think it was made after the green demon or maybe at the same time. It became quite popular and was re-produced at least two times (maybe hence the confusion) and will be permanently on stock in the future if possible.

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Internationale Wochen gegen Rassismus Plakat 2020 after hanging there for some months …

Internationale Wochen gegen Rassismus 2020 – 2023

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International weeks against racism in Munich – I am trying to wrap up the last four years of doing the posters and program booklets in one post. It‘s also a bicycle post 😉
For 2020 we (Munich city’s ”Fachstelle für Demokratie” as the organizer and me doing the graphics) had a nice colorful design for the poster and printed booklet, a lot of events had been planned for March / April and after the posters got put up everything was set for some successful weeks. But things were to turn out differently … (mehr …)

blue demon cycling cap the new blue demon

blue demon cycling cap – SOLD OUT

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The blue demon is basically the same design as the three eyed orange demon, just some slight improvements to fill gaps in the hair and some cosmetics to the teeth. For the first time printing two colors – a blueish turquoise and a very dark green – on white fabric to not be limited to the available fabric colors as a base color and also get more contrasting eyes by keeping them white.

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