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Illustrated bicycle dictionary

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Das Fahrrad | the bicycle | le vélo | la bicicletta | 自転車 – this is my illustrated bicycle dictionary. It comes with a lot of drawings and a five language (German, English, French, Italian, Japanese) translation of more than 275 bicycle related terms. Self published in 2014 and available at some cool bikeshops all around the world + of course on the internet. For more information on the book please check out this website:

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  1. […] who knew my illustrated bicycle dictionary contacted me to ask if I would like to add some illustrations for the book on cargo bikes he and […]

  2. […] To indicate that, the arrows are labeled in five different languages, something I adopted from my illustrated bicycle dictionary. By the way – the chopper in the lower right corner is called „Bonaza-Rad“ in […]

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