illustrated bicycle dictionary

Illustrated bicycle dictionary, 2nd edition

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The second edition of my illustrated bicycle dictionary now comes with Spanish as a sixth language.

The first edition of the little book opened many doors for me – for example traveling to Japan, meeting the people of SimWorks, Circles and Daisy Messenger in Nagoya. Yet selling the book was a tough business and it took about eight years until the 1000 copies I had printed finally came to an end. There was no plan to do a second edition because my interests shifted to designing cycling caps. But when  visiting Japan in May 2023 Circles World Distribution asked if I had some more copies left and other people there also liked the book a lot so I started thinking about doing a re-print. Would be a good occasion to add Spanish, just like it could already be found on the illustrated bicycle poster. Then aFrame showed interest in distributing the book when we met at Eurobike trade show and I was finally convinced to go for the second edition. As always the people of C&L Cycle in Montreal proofed to be super kind and helpful with the translation – staff member Leonardo from Colombia did the Spanish one.

Inside bicycle dictionary
Das Pedal – the pedal – la pédale – il pedale – el pedal -ペダル
One copy of the books cut into single pages to be able to show the flat layout
The book is printed in two colors only: black and red. Gradations and blends of both colors are also used.
Torx-Boy, the concession to new technology on the bike market 😉
The actions section …

The print shop at which the first edition got produced at was no longer around but I was lucky to find one here in Munich, just a ten minute ride away from my office. The people of Druckwerk did some videos of the production process. I hope up- and downloading won’t kill the internet connection …

And finally mighty Miki of Velomotion Munich delivered 90kg of freshly printed illustrated bicycle dictionaries on her Omnium cargo bike!

Heavy paper
Strong woman